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Advanced One-Step Anti-Fog
Information/FAQ/Product Reviews

Advanced Water Repellent Coating
Information/FAQ/Product Reviews
February 24, 2009
Free Fogtech and Raincoat test samples :

Please click on the link above to get a free sample of both Fogtech and Raincoat. You just have to pay $3.50 US for shipping anywhere in the world. This is a great way to try our products before you buy.
February 1, 2009
Motorcyclist magazine recommends:

In it's March Issue in the Gear section (page 105), Motorcyclist Magazine recommends Fogtech and Raincoat as "the clear choice, inside and out." Also saying "Application is easy and lasts for days" Click here to see the full article.

customer REVIEWS (Click here for more)

Björn Stenberg from Sweden : "Raincoat works every bit as good as I hoped it would with rain and road spray: The water just rolls off immediately. Wet snow, however, still sticks to the visor and has to be wiped off manually. Raincoat still provides an advantage in snow though, since the residual water left on the visor after wiping quickly beads up and rolls off."

Matkal, ADVRIDER Website: "Rode home tonight in possibly the worst conditions for keeping your face shield clean: Wet roads, lots of mist kicked up from other vehicles, not much rain to wash it off. The Raincoat performed beyond my expectations! Even at low speeds in mist it kept my FS clear. Wow! This stuff is the shizz."

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